Nick Flex vs Connor O'Reilly

Bodybuilder Nick gives our exclusive Muscle Boy Connor a total ROUGH pro beatdown. This match is an action packed wrecking ball masterpiece! When these two studs first square off and play with each other’s nips and Nick strokes Connor’s muscle butt you might be thinking this could go either way but Nick immediately etablishes control and starts DESTROYING poor Connor. Nick uses his whole wrestling arsenal and even though it’s in the mat room Nick still manages to punish Connor with pro wrestling power moves. A big power slam, a giant rack, camels, crabs, and boots to the head! Connor nevers gives easy and it’s SO hot to hear him say “FUCK YOU” to big Nick when trapped in a sub hold. Once they strip down to their see through underwear the action keeps going and the body worship continues. Nick runs his hands ALL over Connor’s ass, junk, and legs. And Nick never fails to hump a gorgeous bubble butt like Connors. And he does it Over and OVER again. 

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