Jesse Zane vs Bo Brady and Travis Bennett

This is the ULTIMATE two for one ring match. You get to see our exclusive Muscle Boy Jesse Zane take on GIANT pro heel Bo Brady one on one. Then you will ALSO see him step in the ring for a short match with the hottest pretty boy in pro wrestling, Travis Bennett! Big Bo and cruiserweight Jesse are a total mismatch. At first Bo DESTROYS Jesse with chokes, punches, shoulder blocks, a VICIOUS running power slam and a lightning neckbreaker for the ages. He also sends poor Jesse reeling with a low blow that will make you shudder! He might be smaller but he’s also a master of submission holds and he’s NOT afraid to fight dirty and he delivers a low blow of his own to big Bo and then tortures the big man in head scissors, spladles, and chokes. Eventually Bo takes over and cranks a rack on Jake that would send anyone to the chiropractor. Next up is Travis and he and Jesse go at it in a short but action packed match that includes a snap suplex, a face bump suplex, headscissors, and the hottest suspended surfboard we’ve ever seen (while Travis forearm smashes Jake’s chest in the surfboard!). 

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