Bruno the Beast vs Taylor Reign

Bruno the Beast returns! And he’s out to prove he’s the muscled heel we always knew he was. Turns out our exclusive ripped Muscle Boy Taylor Reign is the perfect suffering jobber for Bruno to beat the crap out of. Bruno throws the kitchen sink at Taylor including gut punches, body scissors, nelsons, nip play, deep camels, a POWER BOMB, a dragon sleeper, wedgies, and a tombstone piledriver. And that’s just the first half of this 32 minute squash! Taylor tries to come back with some gut work and nifty maneuvers of his own but Bruno quickly takes back control and punishes Taylor in the longest and hottest suspended backbreaker we have EVER seen! Then he forces Taylor to worship his body and his crotch and he plays with and humps every inch of Taylor’s hot bod...cause ya know…why not? The long onslaught continues with a DEEEEP camel, headlocks, more wedgies, muscle worship, and more head scissors - and then he FINISHES Taylor with another textbook tombstone. 

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