Bruno the Beast vs Masked Bruiser

Who is that masked man? This is a Bruno vs Bruiser ball torture SLUG FEST. Maybe wrestling fans can figure out who the Bruiser is after seeing his bare ass exposed by Bruno’s kinky side. But Bruno may have more than he bargained for because the muscled Bruiser certainly lives up to his name. This very long rough back and forth match with the MBW matroom lights dimmed is destined to become a classic. The Bruiser starts humiliating Bruno early and spends several minutes straddlng Bruno and working over his balls and punching his gut. But Bruno knows all about ball torture and he suspends the Bruiser in the air by his balls and then stomps the F out of his after Bruiser collapses. Bruiser comes back and decides to torture the Beast with a powerbomb, elbow drops, camels, OTK backbreaker, and a loooong camel with more ball torture. After trading several MORE racks, camels, and ball grabs the Bruiser finally takes control one last time and sleepers out Bruno and then finishes him with ANOTHER nasty tombstone piledriver. THIS MATCH ROCKS!

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