Ivan Lopez vs Jesse Zane

Newbie MBW wrestler Ivan is THICK and a total boy toy (and that ASS!). Ivan is so damn hot we HAD to let our resident boy toy Jesse have at him. But Ivan came to PLAY boys. He immediately cranks on a hot headscissor as Jesse tries to bridge out of it. Then he reverses and cranks on the same hold to Ivan and slugs his gut a bunch too. Jesse throws more sub holds at the muscled Ivan and then Ivan punches his way out and scoops up Zane with a bearhug and then works over Jesse with a barrage of punches! Jake comes RIGHT BACK at Ivan with a headscissor so tight Ivan turns several shades of red. The back and forth continues with more exchanges of holds and punches but when Jesse traps thick Ivan in an OTK backbreaker and tortures his junk the action starts to get sexy and slow. After they trade super hot back stretching camels and Jesse traps Ivan in a leg splitting spladle, Ivan is suffering LOUD and finally states “I give up Sir!”. Jesse climbs on top of his prize and as the camera zooms in Ivan decides to make the most of the situation and grope Jesse’s bubble butt ass. 

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