Ryan Donovan vs Nick Flex

Is it unfair to pit the giant musclebound Nick vs a twinky pretty boy like Ryan? HELL NO! It’s kinda cute to watch Ryan think he has a chance against big Nick and even cuter to see him dance around trying to avoid Nick’s wrath and try some offense. After Ryan charges at Nick and then gets hoisted in the air and literally thrown into the corner it’s time for Nick to totally SQUASH this punk. He does so with a littany of punching, verbal abuse, and twisting up Ryan’s lean body into so many positions most of us can’t even imagine how Ryan could walk after. Ryan begs and grunts and pleads for mercy but Nick just toys with him and ends this long sweaty match by slapping Ryan’s ass a bunch of times and then drilling him with a tombstone. Then Nick declares “I guess I’ll take my prize home” as he drags out Ryan’s limp body while Ryan’s trunks sport a raging hard on. 

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