Logan Cross vs Jesse Zane

Ring re-match! After the overwhelming response to their first match we decided to put our two jobber pretty boys inside the ring and let the sparks fly. Logan Cross is the humpiest boy toy in the known universe but his inexperience in the ring leaves an opening for Zane to use this to his advantage. He tears apart Logan bit by bit with big bodyslams, suplexes, elbow drops, body splashes, and intense sub holds. Watch Jesse CRANK the fuck outta Logan with the deepest camel clutch, nastiest torture rack, and most vicious OTK backbreaker ever caught on film. In between the explosions of beatdown Jesse never wastes an opportunity to stroke Logan’s rock hard dick while trapping him in the turnbuckle or shove his tongue down the boy’s throat. Pressing his hips into Logan’s baby blue trunks and humping the pretty boy’s ass is also on the menu. When Jesse says “that’s a pretty fuckin' meaty ass” the entire MBW fan base may simultaneously explode with delight.

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