Ethan Slade vs Taylor Reign

When you look at tall, ripped, and gorgeous Taylor you might think he’s just another hot young pretty boy. This match vs equally ripped Ethan shows the world what we at MBW knew all along: Taylor is a kinky dom bad ass and likes to play ROUGH. And loves erotic playtime on the mats with Ethan! He tortures poor Ethan with nasty power moves, gut punches, stomps, forearm smashes, and punishing sub holds. At first it looks as if it will be all Taylor as he destroys Ethan and throws his tongue down Ethan’s throat and strokes his junk inside his see through white skimpy poser trunks (check out outline of Ethan’s big cock inside those trunks! And Taylor’s sheer baby blue briefs!). But after Taylor turns his back on Ethan and says “I need a real challenge” and starts to walk out Ethan mounts a sneak attack starts drilling Taylor with smashes to his back and a spectuacular headbutt. Taylor ends up reeling on the matroom floor and then Ethan’s bad boy side takes over and he starts stomping Taylor in the nuts! It doesn’t last long however because Taylor mounts a comeback that can only be described as angry and masterful. After Taylor takes off his animal print trunks and shoves them in Ethan’s mouth he decides to rack Ethan with such authority that everyone will know what the answer is when he asks Ethan “who owns you?”. The incredible hangman Taylor drapes Ethan’s limp body into finishes any notion that Ethan can come out on top. 

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