Justin Powers vs Luke Maxwell

When Luke first appears he’s by himself and is stroking his junk vigorously in anticipation of his match. Then Justin Powers walks in with matching patriotic trunks and declares that Luke’s trunks “are going to be mine!”. As soon as the action starts Luke begins to pummel poor Justin with gut punches and pec smashes. Not soon after Luke’s big muscle thighs are wrapped around Justin’s pretty face and then he is scooping Justin up for a big bodyslam. Luke takes the opportunity to shove his trunks in Justin’s face while going for the pin. Then Luke traps him in a bearhug, a camel clutch, and a leg splitting spladle. After all that the trunks come off and both muscle boys are in skimpy jockstraps (Luke’s are mesh and see through) and the action starts to really get sweaty and erotic. Kissing, humping, and tons more wrestling holds follow and Justin takes control. He puts Luke in a rack and then dumps him on the mat and rolls him up for a spladle and then starts playing with his ass and smacking it hard. Then Justin mounts his prize and shoves his bare ass in big Luke’s face. After a long back and forth battle Justin poses over Luke and declares victory with Luke’s trunks in hard: “These are fucking mine!”. Luke is splayed out on the mat in his mesh jockstrap and then finishes the scene the way he started it: by jacking off. Watching him get his big dick fully hard while laying on the mat sweaty and beaten is about as hot as it gets! 

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