Dante vs JJ Allen

Both of these hunks suffered a beatdown at the hands of Justin Powers in Catalog 2 so we were intrigued to see which one would emerge from this battle inside the squared circle. JJ’s cocky attitude during his entrance is so hot and watching the meatiest ass and legs in MBW pose inside the ring is sure to increase his fan base. Dante is quiet and intense and ALL muscle in pro style yellow trunks and boots. Don’t let the jobber gear fool you, after a test of strength Dante’s muscled upper body takes control and starts to work over JJ in a long held bearhug and headlock choke. JJ Allen may not have the upper hand when it comes to bi’s and pecs but WOW does he know how to use those tree trunk thighs when he punishes Dante all over the ring with several head scissors variations. While smothering Dante’s head in the canvas and pumping his trunks into Dante’s face, JJ takes the opportunity to grab Dante’s bulge too. Just when you thought this might be JJ’s day, Dante reverses things and traps JJ in a back bending bow and arrow. Working over JJ’s back becomes paramount and Dante bearhugs and spladles thick JJ while also getting him back by slapping his ass and grabbing his balls. After a series of ball stomps help to maintain his control Dante take over and there is not turning back. After getting the 3 count Dante drills JJ’s gut for good measure and kisses him. All that is left for Dante is to pose over his prize and show off his guns with a super hot flexing routine (while STOMPING JJ in the gut).  

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