JJ Allen vs Jesse Zane

Battle of the Bubble Butts! Both Jesse and JJ have insanely hot and large legs - and a muscle ass to boot. So it makes sense that this sweaty and intense back and forth match would have tons of head scissors, body scissors, and leg work. Which isn’t to say these two muscle boys are afraid of a good gut punch or forearm smash to the pecs - there’s pleny of fists to flesh to go along with the mat holds. Once JJ takes control he makes Jesse worship his big thighs and the package inside his trunks too. After punishing Jesse with a series of mat holds (and drilling Jesse’s head into the mat), Jesse decides it time to flip the script and he low blows JJ with a cringe worthy first to the nuts. Then he proceeds to work over JJ’s balls in several different pain inducing ways. In between touching himself JJ suffers so beautifully (perhaps he likes the torture?).  As fans of MBW know Jesse isn’t afraid to play dirty and this match is a ball play fans dream come true. In between the torture Jesse still manages to climb on top of smooth JJ and make out with him and force JJ to worship his boy muscles. Then he racks him (for a LONG time), spladles him a few times, digs his trunks into JJ’s mouth, and then makes out with him some more! Both end up sweaty and spent and running their hands all over each other. 

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