Taylor Reign vs Nick Flex

Sexiest mismatch of the year! Giant bodybuilder Nick Flex is a trained pro wrestler. Taylor is a hot as fuck wanna be pro wrestler who also happens to be great at taking punishment and coming back for more. What could be a better setup for a big vs small pound fest? Nick basically toys with the lean and ripped Taylor the whole way through but Taylor is resilient and you almost feel sorry for him - except for the fact that this beatdown is so hot you can’t take your eyes off of it! Nick throws EVERYTHING at Taylor: power moves, sub holds, ass slaps, chokes, ball torture, suplexes, The way he keeps pulling off Taylor’s trunks and whacking his ass with his palm is truly a sight you have to see for yourself! Oh and halfway through Nick seems to invent an entirely new submission hold! It’s a combination of a suspended surfboard with an airborn bow and arrow - crazy hot! There is no way Taylor is gonna win this one and Nick knows it - so of course he grabs Taylor by the hair and forces the boy’s face into his trunks and buries it there for a while. After Nick does one last big power moves he gets an easy 3 count and takes one more grab of Taylor’s junk and PULLS on it before walking off the mats the obvious winner.

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