Connor O'Reilly vs Parker Flynn

Parker finally debuts! And who better to face off against this thick muscle boy then our very own exclusive Connor O’Reilly? Connor is in thin see through rainbow square cuts that show off his perfectly sculpted body. After some nice words Connor can’t resist putting his hands all over Parker’s thick muscle chest and trying to play with Parker but Parker came to WRESTLE. He immediately drills Connor with a gut punch, a knee to the gut, and a lighting fast forearm smash to Connor’s chest. Taking control quickly Parker gets Connor on the mat and wraps his GIANT legs around Connor’s head and then start gut bashing his ripped abs. After a camel, a boston, and more head scissors Parker decides to start humping Connor’s body (why not enjoy all that muscle in between beating him up?). Connor manages a few comebacks and even traps Parker in some hot holds but today is all about Parker thick muscle thighs and he wraps up Connor with several more headscissors and then a super hot OTK backbreaker. Parker also decides Connor’s thick muscle ass sounds great when it’s given a hard SMACK! He ultimately destroys beautiful Connor and humps his butt some more and in the end this match ends the same way all of Connor’s do: he touches himself on camera because he is clearly turned on by the beatings he receives. 

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