Jesse Zane vs Bruno The Beast

YES this match is 45 minutes long and WOW what a barn burner! Both these MBW vets start out in singlets and Jake’s package looks SO big inside that white singlet it’s almost criminal (and that's before the action starts). The Beasts big hairy chest in all it's cocky glory busts out of his red, white, and blue singlet and the match starts out light and friendly with some mat holds and a spladle or two. We soon realize Jesse means business and in between moves he starts chewing on Bruno’s nips and stroking his dick. Jesse maintains his advantage for a while and after stripping off their singlets Jesse sniff’s Bruno’s sweaty gear and then wipes his body with it (so hot!). But this IS Bruno the Beast after all. When the Beast wants to take over he DOES. He chokes Jesse so viciously you may feel an impulse to call a ref or a cop or a paramedic. But then Bruno starts to sleeper/choke Jake and wear him down sexy and slow and who would want to stop that hotness? Bruno forces Jesse to worship his chest, biceps, and whole body as only cock Bruno can. As the Beast tosses Jesse around and slaps on a camel, a rack, a bearhug, and various other heart stopping holds you begin to wonder….was the Beast just letting Jesse have that first round? No matter. At the end he slowly wears Jesse down with a VERY long sleeper that slowly puts his prey to sleep and then the Beast has his way with the boys body.  

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