Jeff Sheperd vs Taylor Reign

Welcome to MBW sexy Jeff! If you are a fan of true old school pro wrestling then this match is for YOU. Jeff is an up and comer in the Indy feds and putting him up against gorgeous ring newbie Taylor was a no brainer booking. Jeff looks like a cute nice guy but he immediately brings the attitude by pounding on Taylor’s chest with forearms and a sweet arm drag. Taylor has honed his ring skills and does some nice reversals but watching him on the wrong end of Jeff's PERFECT scoop bodyslam and nasty back suplex is hot as fuck. Softening up Taylor’s back is the strategy here and Jeff drills Taylor with 3 GIANT suplexes in a row and finishing with a textbook old school standing suplex that ROCKS Taylor. Taylor makes a nice comeback and grabs a quick boston on Jeff. Clearly this brings out Jeff's heel side as he takes control and drops his elbow to Taylor’s throat a few times and then starts bashing his head with fists in the turnbuckle! After choking Taylor in the ropes Jeff decides to finish the pretty boy with a HUGE powerbomb and bow and arrow that leaves Taylor breathless and almost unconscious.

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