Viktor Patrovsky vs Connor O'Reilly

Giant Russian muscle bound Viktor is so powerful and hot we thought it only fair to put him in the mat room with deliciously sculpted muscle boy Connor O’Reilly. Much has been said about the pic of Connor’s ass in the orange trunks with the lightning bolt on the back and he wears those famous trunks for this matchup. Connor walks in cocky and wanting to pose for the camera and show off that lighting bolt (does he think he is the MBW version of THOR?). He also loves to touch himself before, during, and after the match. When 6’4” Viktor walks in we all know who is going to beat up who in this one. Viktor absolutely pummels Connor with several tombstones, camels, scissor holds, and choke holds. But the cringe inducing bulldog Viktor delivers toward the end of this match will have you grabbing the aspirin while you watch him SLAM Connor’s head into the mat. Now we know why Viktor asks him (in his thick Russian accent) “are you ready to die?” before executing that move. Then Viktor does his own pose down making fun of Connor’s earlier flex off and letting us soak in his enormous guns and washboard abs. 

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