Armond Rizzo vs Ethan Slade

The muscled spark plug vs the ripped pretty boy! Facing off these two porn faves against each other was an easy choice and wow do they cum through! 5’0” tall Armond makes his presence known by practicing front flips in the ring and showing the fans of MBW that he can take some bumps - and kips up right after! He surprises Ethan with some arm drags to show he’s got true pro skill. When Ethan takes control he stomps Armond in the corner with his boot and grabs hold of the little guy for a serious make out session against the buckle follows up with some vicious ball torture and a boot choke to the throat. Snap mares, elbow drops, and multiple fists to Armond’s head leaves him almost unconscious. Ethan grabs his prize by the hair and shoves junk in his face and then we realize that Ethan’s giant dick is already ROCK HARD in his trunks. And hell if you are that hard why not whip it out and shove it down the jobbers throat and pump his face with it? Don’t worry though the wrestling isn’t done yet! He scoops up Armond for a few textbook bodyslams and then seems to invent a modified boston crab on the spot. Ethan isn’t done torturing the boy's balls as he digs his boot into Armond’s junk just for fun. Then it’s another crab and a big time torture rack before he decides to pull off Armond’s trunks and play with his ass and bury his face and tongue in it. The last 10 minutes Ethan fucks Armond’s sculpted bubble butt in every possible position all over the ring before ending against the ropes and unleashing his load all over Armond’s gorgeous muscled ass. “Good match” says Ethan while kissing his conquest - HELL YES it is! 

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