Leo Luckett vs Ryan Sparks

Two gorgeous blond boys make their debut against each other and Leo arrives first in colorful gear that shows off his ridiculously big legs and perfect ass. When huge bodybuilder Ryan arrives in black boots, trunks, and a black leather harness Leo clearly is licking his lips and so will you! Ryan says to Leo “you can worship me now boy” and Leo starts enjoying Ryan’s huge bicep peaks and sexy pitts. But don’t turn your back on the massive heel Leo! Ryan drills Leo’s back with a smash and then cranks on a quick headscissors, bodyscissors, and full nelson. He follows up with tons of ROUGH punches to Leo’s gut and pecs and it quickly becomes clear who will pummel who. Big Ryan loves to toy with the smaller boy as he stomps, slams, and does several over the knee backbreakers on poor Leo. Stomps to his junk and a ass slap are next and that slap is so hard you could probably hear the SMACK sound a mile away. A DEEEEP camel clutch, a suplex, and a back snapping rack has Leo begging for mercy. Once Ryan is through tossing the boy around he starts pumping his trunks in his face and stripping off his gear. Leo is already hard by this point and once BIG dicked Ryan gets off his trunks it’s time for some official throat pumps. Then it's time to plow the little blond on his back, on his knees, and with his face against the ropes - “you give now don’t you boy?” Yes we do Ryan! Erotic squashes don’t get any better than this so grab your popcorn and enjoy this big vs small wrestling ring fuck fest. 

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