Justin Powers vs Sean Duran

No Muscle Boy roster is complete without a hairy muscled butch tatted dude - and Sean Duran is our man! A thick ass of death and a huge rack of muscled pecs make this strong bull a real head turner. And how could we not unleash our blond bad boy Justin Powers against this hot bull? Justin smartly comes out fast with punches, kisses, ball grabs, scissors, pec smashes, and a punishing boston crab. But don’t understimate a BULL,  especially when it makes growling and grunting noises like this one! Sean nearly decapitates Justin with a clothesline and then starts beating the FUCK outta Justin’s belly with stomps and gut punches. Next comes a bodyslam, an OTK backbreaker, and a full nelson - which allows Sean to start bashing Justin’s head into the mat over and over again! Some slow kissing and nip play make you realize this wrestling match is heading into erotic play and from the looks of Sean’s huge thick dick wrestling turns him on. Justin’s ass is legendary and Sean doesn’t waste any time taking control and using that delicious ass in all the ways our MBW fans have been thirsty for! After using his thick tool to plow Justin in some sexy positions Sean blows his load all over the suddenly submissive pretty boy. 

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