Alex Costa vs Jesse Zane

When a wrestler travels halfway around the world for a chance to wrestle our MBW exclusive Jesse Zane - how could we say no? And Jesse is ready and horned up for a long, sweaty, and SUPER rough match vs the ripped muscle bound European. Entering in skimpy white trunks you can see how HUGE the legs and ass are on this big hairy man and from the first seconds it’s apparent that big Alex is here to beat THE FUCK out of Jesse. The forearm smashes and gut punches Alex blasts on Jesse’s body may be the most powerful shots he has EVER had to endure! Knees to the gut, a camel, and a body scissors are next and then Alex holds down the boy on the mat and starts shoving his tongue down Jesse’s throat. Bodyslams, headscissors, ball grabs, bow and arrow and TONS more body shots to Jesse’s already red body are all in the cards. After one of the longest and most BRUTAL beatdowns we’ve ever filmed you might think this is gonna be a total squash - HELL no! Jesse is tough as nails and he sneaks up on Alex and drills a headbutt into his balls. With his trunks hanging off his muscled bubble butt the boy mounts a crazy comeback and takes control of the bigger man with chokes, spladles, body punches, scissors, and a snap suplex. Then he pulls Alex’s trunks down so that the last part of the match we can enjoy both these muscle butts in full view! Smacking each other’s ample asses is also part of the savage back and forth. These dudes like it rough and if you are into TRULY vicious action you won’t find anything more ferocious than this one! 

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