Logan Cross vs Jeff Sheperd

Know your role! Logan Cross is definitely one of the sexiest jobber boys out there and who would have thought this flexible former gymnast had the guts to withstand a VIOLENT beatdown inside the squared circle and take HUGE bumps over and over? You will marvel at how skilled indy pro wrestler Jeff Sheperd manhandles him all over the ring and you will be amazed at the brutal thrashing Logan can withstand. This match is ALL about big power moves and Jeff pummels little Logan with suplex after suplex - and throws in a punishing camel clutch that bends Logan’s boy body so far back it looks like it could snap the boy in half. After tossing around Logan with more slams and suplexes, Jeff brilliantly decides to finish the boy in a looooong held standing suplex, a rack, and suspended surfboard. Throw EVERYTHING at the boy Jeff! Toward the end he sets up poor Logan for a tombstone piledriver and then he absolutely DRILLS Logan’s head into the canvas. Logan’s head and body literally BOUNCE off the mat and then he collapses like a rag doll. You won’t see a more punishing tombstone piledriver like that anywhere but here and you will NEVER see a tougher jobber take more punishing power moves then our own Logan Cross right here in the MBW ring!

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