Bruno the Beast vs Steve Tanner

The Bodybuilder vs The Beast. We at MBW are very proud to be the FIRST to showcase Bruno in a ring match! And WOW is he born to be a pro wrestler. Since this is his ring debut we thought we’d reward the Beast with the incredibly sexy bodybuilder like Steve Tanner to play with. Tanner is a newbie and Bruno knows it and takes advantage right away. Bruno takes apart the big man slowly and with his usual sexy playfulness. Gut punches, slams, choke holds, scissors, crabs, backbreakers, facesits, wedgies, suplexes, nip torture, racks, and camels are all on the menu. Bruno makes a MEAL of it all! Tanner is a game opponent and he takes over a few times but this one is all about Bruno’s ring skill and power!

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