Nick Flex vs Chris Cannon

This is the match all of MBW has been waiting for! Our two big men go face to face in the ring at last and WOW is it a barn burner. Both musclebound studs are skilled, strong, and ooze cocky attitude. Nick has a slight weight advantage and he comes out strong with power moves, punches, and hoists Cannon off the canvas and powers his back into the buckle the first moment he has a chance. When these two butch studs throw punches or stomps back and forth they are bracingly real and rough. Nick uses some mat holds to take Cannon off his feet and then hoists up big Chris onto his shoulders for a rack and does it easily - don’t mess with NICK FLEX! Cannon has never lost a bout in MBW and he manages to take over for a bit and gets Nick in a tombstone piledriver (how does he get that massive dude up in the air?!). Nick kicks out of course and then starts his usual barrage of suplexes, chokes, mat punishment, punches, a DDT, and a snapping rope choke that sends Cannon flying back to the canvas. Even a strong and undefeated stud like Chris (with a Cannon in his trunks) will eventually succumb to the power and brute force of Nick Flex!

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