Maxim Apollo vs Viktor Patrovsky

Russian vs Russian! A re-match between Max and Viktor was specifically requested by the smaller (and totally muscled) Max after Viktor emerged victorious in their first meeting. Max arrives ready with a fully loaded arsenal of weapons and right from the start he pummels big Viktor with everything he’s got. Max SLAMS Viktor’s ripped abs and big chest with punches and then works over the big man with bearhugs, camels, and scissors. After a brief reversal by Viktor, Max keeps up his assault and then DRILLS Viktor’s head into the canvas with a HUGE bulldog. If that wasn’t enough he hoists up the much taller Viktor for an incredible hangman’s rack and then an even MORE impactful SECOND BULLDOG!! Now that he has him off his feet for good, Max realizes the best way to assure victory against a bigger opponent is to put him OUT. He traps Viktor in a long and sexy sleeper and claims his victory with a super hot pose down while stepping on his beaten opponent’s chest. 

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