Connor O'Reilly vs JT Atlas

Welcome to MBW JT! JT Atlas is fast, flexible and has a ripped rock hard body. Connor is equally ripped and hot but has a real size advantage. Connor has expressed to the CEO that he's sick and tired of his “jobber boy” rep and he sees JT as an opportunity to dominate someone a little smaller than him and maybe rack up a win or two. One problem: JT is ready for a fast paced fight and tosses around Connor with ease. Not long into it JT declares “know your role jobber” - HOT! Connor ends up with red marks all over his smooth muscled bod and JT looks like he doesn’t have a scratch. In the end poor Connor ends on his back - again. Lucky for us all this turns the boy on and I know our MBW fans will appreciate Connor’s junk in his see through white trunks. I’m sure they will also love seeing him stroke himself as the camera zooms in (like he does at the end of all his matches!). It's SO hot to be able appreciate this gorgeous boy up close. He seems to complain about losing a whole lot while also being turned on by it we aren't complaining!

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