Nick Flex vs Luke Maxwell

Big Muscle vs Big Muscle! As many of our MBW fans have expressed Luke Maxwell is fucking HOT. Those ripped abs, those giant pecs, that ass of death….and those nips! He even likes to call himself “Big Luke” on occasion. Well Big Nick Flex is your opponent Luke and Big Nick likes to pummel big boys like YOU. Nick is the far superior and experienced wrestler here but Luke can take a bump and get back up. And against MBW nasty heel Nick he will do so over and over and over. Nick LOVES delivering power moves on smaller guys in the ring. Can he do the same with someone as big as Big Luke? Hell YES he can! Nick turns sexy Luke into his jobber play toy and tosses him around with ease and those power moves are done with AUTHORITY. Nick uses all his pro wrestling training and expertise including stomps, punches, forearms smashes, slams, plexes, a DDT, mat holds, leg drops, turnbuckle punishment, clotheslines, fists to the head, and MANY many more. Enjoy it fans! 

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