Armond Rizzo vs Leo Luckett

Leo is new to MBW and after a massive beatdown from Ryan Sparks he relishes a matchup against smaller porn superstar Armond Rizzo. Leo takes over early and shows up his rough and nasty side as the humpy blond pounds on Armond all over the ring with suplexes, punches, pec smashes, crabs, and an over the shoulder back breaker that would make even the biggest heel proud! After stomping the FUCK out of Armond’s back and gut Leo decides its time to humiliate Rizzo and shoves his junk in his face and then slowly DRIPS his spit into Armond’s mouth! Feeling his power, Leo decides to make out with Armond and then rack up little Armond in a punishing camel clutch and flex his big biceps in the process. Somehow through all this Armond manages to take back control and clamps on a hot headscissor and then SNAPS Leo over with a lighting fast arm drag! Look out Leo because then the little dude straddles sexy Leo and starts PUMMELING Leo’s head with a barrage of fists! Sensing a quick steal Armond then wraps up Leo on the mat in the center of the ring in a combination ab stretch and cross face crippler and gets the blond to say “I GIVE!”. Then it’s time to pull down their trunks and go full on erotic as Armond takes his time enjoying Leo’s smooth bubble ass. Armond pulls down his own trunks to reveal his raging rock hard dick (big dick on a little muscle boy!). Thankfully Leo is on his belly waiting to get plowed in the center of the ring. Armond doesn’t get to top very often so he takes FULL advantage and has his way with Leo’s gorgeous ass in multiple positions. While SLAMMING the blond boy’s ass from behind all we can do is watch in awed wonder. 

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