Justin Powers vs Jesse Zane

This match is almost ONE HOUR long folks! This is one of MBW’s finest hours as two of our best selling superstars go head to head in a long, slow, sweaty, and cum filled erotic match that will be hard to beat! (And EASY to beat off to).These two muscular pretty boys both LOVE to wrestle and LOVE to go erotic when they get on the mats but no one could have prepared us for this outrageously steamy back and forth mat room MARATHON. Justin is a gorgeous blond pretty boy but don’t get it twisted, this boy likes to FIGHT and fight rough! Jesse has been a hot suffering jobber many times before but in this one he wants to prove his bad boy rep once more by giving Justin his whole arsenal of mat holds all while throwing his tongue down Justin’s throat, working his nipples, smacking his ass, licking his balls, and shoving his cock in his face! These boys beat on each other over and over and then spend the last 20 minutes of this one naked and humping each other like they are the last two gay wrestlers on earth. Sub holds, pro moves, pretzel-like mat torture, 69, making out, verbal trash talk, ball torture, and ass humping all are featured prominently. Whether in their speedo’s or totally buck naked this match goes back and forth so many times its hard to keep count  on who cums out on top but the journey is sure worth the sweat and cum soaked ending! MBW fans will be BLOWN away so put aside some extra time for this one and sit back and ENJOY. 

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