Ethan Slade vs Ryan Sparks

What could be better? Ripped hunk Ethan taking on blond and chiseled bodybuilder Ryan on the mat in trunks and boots and every part of Ethan’s muscled body taking a ton of rough punishment?  Oh wait that’s right, one thing could be better: when Ethan and Ryan strip off their gear and Ethan strokes his huge dick and spunks a big load all over Ryan’s giant muscled white ass! But hold on, let’s tell you what comes first ok? Ryan is HUGE and has a HUGE shelf of an ass and he fills out his pro trunks in the front and the back. And since he has a big weight and size advantage he slowly batters Ethan's body and spirit with gut punches, ball grabs, camels, scissors, suplexes, bodyslams, ball grabs, and of course some kisses too! Ryan might have the biggest ass in the biz but Ethan has that can do spirit and abs that look like an over sized washboard and we just can’t stop staring at either of these boys. When the cum shot does arrive at the end the sweat is dripping everywhere and the load is BIG. 

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