Taylor Reign vs JJ Allen

Everyone loves Taylor! And JJ’s fans are becoming just as loyal. This is another LONG, hot, and heavy match and our two tall lean studs face off and have lots of sexy play along the way. Taylor’s seductive kinky dominance blends PERFECTLY with JJ’s jobber boy suffering (he sure seems to LOVE being worked over). For Taylor,  beating on a hot smooth boy’s abs and pecs are equally as important as humping his ass and smothering his face with your junk. He teases and tortures young JJ throughout this vid and his back splitting rack and the close up of JJ’s beautiful smooth body is something to behold. After some more sexy thrashing and a backbending boston crab Taylor takes a moment to pull up JJ close and start smothering him with tongue kisses. Taylor fans will recognize all the licking of JJ’s body that Taylor clearly enjoys and his obsession with grabbing and torturing JJ’s balls. Whether rolling JJ up with a spladle, smacking his ass, or placing his big boot on JJ’s throat this one is ALL Taylor and he loves every fucking second of it. MBW fans will too! 

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