Alex Costa vs Nick Flex

Big Muscle vs Big Muscle! We love all our muscle boys but pitting hairy bodybuilder Alex vs bodybuilder pro wrestler Nick fulfills all sorts of old school fantasies. This one appropriately starts with a few “tests of strength” and lockups and Nick takes the early lead with POWERFUL chokes, stomps, and bodyslams. Then comes a camel, a rear naked choke, and a suplex that almost decapitates Alex. If you ever fantasized about beating the FUCK out of a musclebound stud like Alex then this is the video for you! With every noisy THUMP that accompanies Nick's power moves the mat seems to pulsate from shockwaves. And the clubbing blows to Alex’s body make for some HOT rough action that is the REAL deal. As if that weren’t enough it seems Nick is OBSESSED with slapping the crap out of Alex’s sculpted bubble ass. Then Nick’s figure 4 delivers more battering punishment and just when you think he has humilitated Alex enough he pulls off his trunks and reveals the biggest muscle ass we’ve ever laid eyes on and starts playing with it with his hands and fingers. At the halfway mark both bodyuilders end up in see through jock straps and there is more old school slams, gut punches, ass slaps, chokes, and big hammering moves. Nick proves once and for all there is only one big man who can dominate another big man in MBW! 

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