Ethan Slade vs Dante

EVERYONE loves to watch Ethan Slade suffer! In this video quiet and sweet Dante transforms into a bad ass heel and starts out with a quick barrage of bearhugs, bodyslams, scissors, and rough gut slugs. Then he sits on Ethan’s face for good measure. Don’t count out Ethan! Our ripped pretty boy snaps back and grabs Dante by the hair and starts hammering Dante’s whole body with punches! When he’s officially back on top Ethan decides to enjoy Dante’s body and make out with him too. Dante is a smart and strong wrestler and he comes back quick and eventually bends the FUCK out of Ethan’s hot body with a textbook bow and arrow. And remember, nobody suffers like Ethan and this move proves it! Dante decides to finish him with a nasty piledriver and then he takes his time humping every inch of Ethan’s insanely hot body and running his hands all over Ethan’s ass and junk. 

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