Parker Flynn vs Jesse Zane

Is there such a thing as a THICK pretty boy? With his matinee idol face and this built thick bod, Parker Flynn is JUST THAT! Jesse Zane looks SO pretty in his pink pro trunks that Parker can’t help himself and he starts making out with Jesse in the first 30 seconds. 

The romance doesn’t last as Parker drills Jesse with some gut punches and then throws a snap suplex, camel clutch, and spladle at our boy toy Jesse. After that these two muscle boys with huge legs trade head scissors and then big Parker takes over and really takes it to Jesse. As all our MBW fans know Jesse NEVER gives up easy and a comeback is almost certain no matter how much bigger his opponent is! Jesse wraps up Parker in some spladles and scissor holds but in the end the thickly cut stud Parker will win the day with so many slams and plexes Jesse begins to resemble a rag doll that is having the fucking SNOT beat out of it. 

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