Steve Tanner/Jesse Zane vs Bruno the Beast/Masked Bruiser

First ever MBW tag team match! For our first tag match we thought it would be fun to put two of our most popular jobbers against two of our kinkiest heels! A few of these hunks have wrestled each other before but in this format all bets are off and they go at each other with tons of double teams, power moves, mat torture, and sexy play. Both Steve and Jesse equally take their beatings and the ring allows Bruno and Bruiser to really toss around these two boys with abandon! Jake gets caught in a hangman, suspended surfboard and tons of slams and suplexes. Steve gets DRILLED with a piledriver, gets bent in half with an over the knee backbreaker, and suffers in a sleeper. In the end our two heels revel in their conquests and double team the jobbers again! As the camera lingers over the passed out jobbers sweaty muscled bodies we catch a glimpse of Jesse tenting inside his trunks - WOOF. 

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