Jessie Lee vs Nick Flex

Ok we admit it. We like to bring in super hot inexperienced muscle boys like Jessie Lee and then let our resident insane heel Nick Flex beat the fucking crap out of them. But isn’t it fun to watch? Jessie Lee has a RIDICULOUSLY hot body and spiked hair and Nick wastes no time with this newbie. You will wince with delight as Nick chokeslams Jessie over and over again as Jessie's muscled body bounces off the mat like a rag doll. TONS of suplexes, powerslams, punches, and tombstone piledrivers follow. We were left wondering if Jessie would survive this TOTAL onslaught. Enjoy it and don’t worry Jessie will be back in future catalogs fans. He survived to fight another day…barely. 

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