Ryan Sparks vs Bruno the Beast

Ryan Sparks is a muscle bound beast but the Beast across the ring from him may have something to say about that. Ryan’s huge thick muscles and ripped abs are a feast for the Beast right from the start of this very long ring match. Bruno takes one look at gorgeous Ryan's bod and goes right at him with slow and sexy moves and lots of kissing, groping, and punishment. Ryan’s style is slow and strong and there is no way he will let Bruno have all the fun! Ryan scoops up Bruno for a huge bodyslam as if the thicker than usual Bruno was light as a feather. Ryan’s thickness is all muscle and cut like a greek god and he knows exactly how to use it to over power stocky Bruno. These two boys utilize the whole ring beautifully and the 2nd half of the match Ryan is stripped down to a see through jock strap that shows off his long thick cock and his shelf ass! 

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