Jessie Lee vs Santiago Figueroa

Jessie Lee is a real muscle boy with a chiseled, strong body but he still got absolutely destroyed in his match in catalog 6 vs big Nick Flex. Here he takes on the lean but very skilled Santiago. Santi is a pro wrestling fan and it shows. He knows how to use his wits and his speed to work over the more muscled Jessie. However, Jesse takes over in a fit of rage and really batters Santi with fists and forearms. This long match is a very nice back and forth. Once the trunks come off some hot naked wrestling ensues including a super hot double headscissors! Jessie’s ass is nothing short of spectacular and Santi’s horse hung cock is the perfect match for it! He pounds Jessie’s hole every which way and eventually spews his cum all over Jessie’s smooth ripped abs. 

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