Jessie Lee vs Jesse Zane

Jessie vs Jesse! Jessie Lee has arguably the best body in MBW and Jesse Zane is our hottest and most talented all around wrestler. We knew this one would be something special. The action is slow and sexy and the trunks get stripped off in record time. Lee spends most of the match in a see through jockstrap before it becomes an all out naked wrestling fest! Zane might be a little smaller but he works over Jessie with tons of hot holds and sexy manuevers. Whether he’s stretching him out in a rack or tying him up in a spladle Zane is the clear favorite here. Towards the 2nd half both boys decide that making out and stroking each other’s dicks is also a priority (as is Zane humping Lee’s face with his bubble butt!). And the giant load that comes splashing out of Jessie Lee’s big dick will leave our fans quenched! 

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