Corey Badger Boy Turner vs Santiago Figueroa

Santi has REAL wrestling skill and Corey is a cocky scrapper with an amatuer wrestling background. The tall and lean Santi has the goods on Corey for most of this one and he LAYS into Corey with ball torture, ab punches, nasty sub holds, and punishing slams. 10 minutes in, Corey is stripped down to a black jockstrap but Santi keeps elevating the beating. The superb hangman Santi tortures Corey with is glorious! After that thrashing it’s clear Santi wants to OWN this young pup. Santi’s MASSIVE cock goes beautifully down Corey’s throat and he thumps the badger boy’s mouth with delight. It’s SO fucking big you may be surprised how artfully Corey takes that dick in his ass - but takes it HE DOES! 

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