Quin Quire vs Jesse Zane

As we have seen from their previous videos both Quin and Jesse are masters of slow, erotic wrestling. Here they square off in the mat room in singlets (at first) and both are very turned on by the other. All the kissing, stroking, and rubbing of hard cocks against each other’s smooth bodies would be enough to send anyone’s temperature higher but there is a wrestling match to be settled. These two sexy boys battle it out with a million head scissors and splades that twist up each other up in beautiful and sexy positions. Halfway through the singlets are off and the boys are just in their jockstraps and long socks. A close up reveals Quin’s rock hard cock DRIPPING with cum as he rubs it against Jesse’s throbbing meat - how hot is that?! Tons more kissing and groping leads to full on 69 and both boys take turns pumping each other’s throats with their big dicks. Quin has a foot/sock fetish so Jesse decides to jack off Quin using his feet and socks. Quin returns the favor by getting Zane is a spread eagle spladle as Jesse jacks himself off right there! 

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