Dax Carter vs Aaron Perez

Aaron Perez proved himself to be one tough fucker after he endured the thrashing that Aspen gave him in Catalog 10. But this is an entirely different can of worms because we’ve matched him up against our NEW beast Dax Carter! Dax has a MASSIVE muscled build. He looks like a video game villian and wrestles like a bull that just escaped his cage. He takes apart Aaron with a ferocity that makes you wonder if he’s gonna rip off one of the boy’s limbs and eat it for breakfast. Wedgies, punches, kissing, humping, slams, and verbal domination highlight the big man’s versatility and clearly Aaron’s bubble ass will be his for the taking. Suprisingly Aaron mounts a comeback and lands a torrent of punches to the beast’s thick pecs and torso but Dax looks like he’s swatting off a fly when he eventually crushes Aaron’s wrestling dreams. When the gear comes off, Dax goes to town on Aaron's pretty butt hole as he fingers him and then eats him out passionately. This extreme squash turns into an extreme pounding when Dax mounts the boy and practically splits him in two with a fierce ass pounding. Then he blows his load on the boy’s arched bubble ass and then helps Aaron shoot his wad while playing with his nips - SO HOT!

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