John Wolfboy Woods vs Jesse Zane

The Wolf has arrived! John Woods ROARS (or howls?) into MBW with a vengeance and Wolfboy seems ready to kick some ass. Problem is Jesse Zane has heard damn near enough about this loud mouth punk and wants to put knock him down a few pegs. Jesse challenges Wolfboy to a stakes match and then viciously tears apart Wolfboy limb from limb (maybe Jesse should be called “the wolf slayer”?). Wolfboy doesn’t go down easy in any fight and the inner animal eventually emerges. Wolfboy doesn’t yet have the wrestling skill or finesse to take out a mat master like Zane but his wild and out of control antics sure make for a hot video! Once the winner is decided then it’s time to strip the Wolfboy of his trunks and Zane makes him service him for good measure! 

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