Joey McCoy vs Spencer Hawkins

Here at MBW we are priviliged to have two of the sexiest and most skilled indy wrestling scene boy toys on our roster. CEO Rocco couldn’t delay pitting them against each other and the boys go at it full bore in an action packed 27 minute barn burner! They may look like a couple of twinks at a gay pool party but put them in tiny trunks and boots and ring the bell and WATCH the strikes and slams fly! These two trade bodyslams, punches, suplexes, racks, and a dizzying array of pro moves (too many to mention!). When Joey is sitting behind Spencer on the mat while clamping on a body scissors and choke hold we can imagine what all the fans must be thinking (it crossed our minds too but who would be the top?!). Later as Spencer is cranking on a suspended surfboard on Joey some pieces of his boots start pealing off and end up all over the mat. These two are literally tearing each other apart! Spencer is hungry for a win and nothing will get in his way. Observe the thundering knees to Joey’s back - ouch! Joey should be nicknamed the “never give up kid” because later he traps Spencer in a vicous bow and arrow and a punishing figure 4. This kid knows his shit! There is tons more back and forth (we’d need another 5 pages to describe it all).  Both of these boys are itching for a win and it’s anybody’s guess who will come out on top! 

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