Luke Maxwell vs Bruno the Beast

Luke Maxwell FINALLY returns to MBW and hot damn he looks more built and ripped than ever! His muscled ass in pretty pink trunks and pro boots is stunning inside the ring. Bruno the Beast also returns to the fold and he makes the most of it. At the start both boys are checking out each other’s gear and groping each other’s bodies. Bruno of course can’t resist playing with Luke’s delectable nipples and flirting with this handsome stud (before he starts hammering his gut in the turnbuckle!). Luke comes off as a straight boy but he doesn’t seem to mind when Bruno is straddling his face and burying his trunks in his mouth. He also doesn’t flinch when Bruno grabs his face and starts making out with him - someone must have tipped off Bruno that Luke is “gay friendly” as the straight boys say (maybe a bit more friendly that we thought?!). As always, Bruno hands out a brutal beatdown while mixing it with a cruisey and sexy vibe. All the pro moves are here too: slams, plexes, bostons, punches, camels, OTK backbreakers, and a very hot choke on the ropes! Once the action subsides the two muscled studs are in the center of the ring on top of each other and kissing. Is there any better way to end a hot pro wrestling match?!

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