Nick Flex vs Van Ryder

Van Ryder returns! We missed you gorgeous - now enjoy a brutal drubbing at the hands of a giant musclebound pro wrestling machine. Avert your eyes if you need to fans. This one is gonna HURT. Van is ripped APART limb by limb, slam by slam, punch by punch. It’s one of the most cold-blooded, blood thirsty, and violent squashes we have EVER filmed. This is a take no prisoners, no holds barred, and barbaric pro wrestling DEMOLITION. Nick looks downright EVIL while he takes apart poor Van and thrashes his body all over the mat room. There are so many spine tingling moments it becomes almost hard to watch. But watch we did and damn it’s a wrestling clinic. All of Nick’s signature moves are here. His nasty grins, sexy taunts, bone crunching slams and wild sub holds are ALL here. Except for a brief moment when Van strikes Nick in the balls it’s ALL Nick. And Nick is fucking fantastic! CRUUUUUSH that punk Nick!

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