Aaron Perez vs Corey Badger Boy Turner

Lean twinks are always a fan fave and these two boys are among our best sellers. Aaron is flexible as a rubber band and Corey is a spunky kid with a cock the size of an XXL sausage. This match is playful, slow, and bendy. It seems like both boys are trying to find out who is the most flexible (Aaron wins that contest in a walk). In fact, it’s impossible to understand how a human body can be bent in the ways Aaron is being bent and wow is it HOT to see just how far his legs can stretch and how arched his back can become! Corey seems content on putting Aaron in every spladle and split move known to man and trapping his mark in many a head scissors. More than in his previous MBW vids, Aaron seems hell bent on showing he can go just as rough as the other boys and he wacks at Corey’s body with extra zeal - MBW boss Rocco was pleased about that. If nothing else, we pride ourselves on being all about the rough and all about the sexy! Corey vs Aaron succeeds on both counts. 

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