Joey McCoy vs Kurt Fletcher

Great wrestling matches are often about contrast. MBW fans...THIS. IS. A. GREAT wrestling match! Joey is everyone’s favorite gorgeous boy toy who has an innocent face and the best sell in the biz. Kurt Fletcher is a long haired rocker dude who loves the spotlight and loves pounding on pretty boys. Joey has heart, mettle, and stamina. He has been put up against all the MBW greats and he manages to not only survive but thrive. In shiny blue trunks that make his junk look like it’s swelling we know our fans will be turned on by this one! Kurt is rocking tiny animal print trunks (have you SEEN his bubble ass in those trunks? DAMN!). Kurt isn’t impressed or intimidated by young Joey so he rips into the boy right from the start. Joey’s trademark screams and facial expressions are all over the mat room and for a while it feels like this will be a total squash. Joey has other ideas! He should be nicknamed “Kid Comeback” even if he doesn’t always seal the deal. He chokes Kurt with his outstretched leg, surfboards Kurt like a pretzel, and executes a perfect multiple suplex combo that makes you wish Saturday morning WCW was still around! All the action here is being perpetuated by highly skilled professionals and our fans are the beneficiaries! 

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