Alex Costa vs Brad Honeycutt

Nothing will prepare you for the all out body bashing brawl that occurs when newcomer Brad Honeycutt steps into the MBW mat room against Alex Costa. Brad is aptly named because his smooth muscular body and pretty boy good looks are pure, sweet honey. Alex hasn’t wrestled in a while and it seems he has A LOT of pent up aggression to unleash on Brad in a torrent of body blows and trash talk. 

Alex specifically requested a muscled pretty boy to beat up and he beats the ever living shit out of Brad - at first. Brad is no newbie to wrestling, he’s a trained pro. He can take punishment and boy oh boy he can dish it out too. He thumps Alex with many of the same blows he just endured and then works over Alex with sub holds and leg punishment too! This is one of the best back and forth mat room clashes we’ve ever filmed and we know our fans are going to eat up this honey for years to come. 

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