Scrappy McNair vs Taylor Reign

Scrappy asked the MBW boss Rocco what he wanted him to do with Taylor Reign in the ring. Rocco responded “use the whole ring and pummel him - ROUGH”. Perhaps Rocco wanted to test Taylor now that is he officially back in the fold? Judging by Scrappy’s sinister smirk when he got his marching orders he didn’t expect things to play out quite the way they did. What proceeds is an all out dirty FIGHT the way the old school wrestlers used to do after an argument in the locker room. These two boys have that rare combination of sexy looks, natural charisma, and toughness that is hard to come by. With a spiky ferocity that you never really see in underground wrestling the boys continually suplex each other and beat on each other with brutal body shots and wild sub holds - some holds they seem to invent on the fly! Taylor strips Scrappy of his trunks to reveal a super hot jockstrap underneath and continues his assault against his bodybuilder opponent. The twisty ab stretch variation Taylor etangles Scrappy in the ropes will make your jaw drop to the floor. Don’t bother picking up it up either because later on Scrappy’s bare ass is mounting Taylor’s body and pressing his junk into his face while attempting multiple 3 counts. A back and forth battle is always hot but it is a HUGE victory for the fans when you see this amount of muscle, skill, and star quality in the ring! 

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