Austin Tyler vs Nick Flex

Both of these MBW superstars are truly gifted ring technicians so you would assume this ring match would be a lesson in ring skills - RIGHT? Not so much. These two Muscle Boys do NOT like each other and that isn’t a work, it’s REAL. The moment they enter the ring they tear into each other like a couple of caged animals. The action inside the ring is a tornado of slugging, slamming, and brutal assault moves! Nick has the size advantage and he lays into Austin with a flurry of stomps and suplexes. Which is a nice setup for the tree of woe he punishes Austin in. But Austin is a tough fucker and he goes RIGHT back at Nick: whether it’s leaping off the buckle or choking Nick on the bottom ropes it’s very clear Austin is up for a FIGHT and he isn’t holding back. The back and forth is fast and furious but nothing can prepare Austin for the HUGE powerslams and standing suplexes Nick drills him with. Fans you are gonna LOVE this one! 

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